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Cleveland-area students see benefits of Mindful Music Moments

Posted on 10/13/17 by Katie in Mindful Music Moments

Mindful Music Moments has been delighted to launch a new partnership this school year with Berea City Schools near Cleveland, Ohio. Administrators, families, and students have enthusiastically embraced the program and are already reporting positive effects.

Said one parent from Grindstone Elementary School (a Berea City Schools member):

"When your child comes home and says they love school, it is a good day.

When your child comes home and says they had fun while they were learning, it is a great day.

But when your child comes home and tells you that the best part of the day was listening to mindful music and names the classical piece, it is a mind blowing day!"

And students at Brook Park Memorial Elementary, another Berea City school, reflected on their own experiences: CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO.

Thanks to Berea City Schools, and all of our valued school partners!