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We all break.

Posted on 03/30/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

I had the honor of conducting the first workshop for MotherLOVE - an important new organization with a mission to empower grieving mothers
to move beyond survival to living well through living love.

We gathered at the beautiful Main Street Yoga studio on a rainy Saturday and contemplated what profound loss does to the body, mind and spirit of a woman. Here is a bit of what I heard.

"I am too tired to breathe."
"Existing is heavy and tired."
"It is so hard to move."
"I fall asleep to see her."
"I feel too exhausted to get up."
"It's like fighting gravity to move."
"My heart is still not beating right."

One of the activies of the day was a meditation I created based on Mark Nepo's Bird Rock. In it, we allowed ourselves to feel both the exhaustion of the hammering of the sea and the soul comaraderie of all who have suffered beside us. We ultimately allowed ourselves to feel the sun, the spray of the ocean. We discovered we had taken a difficult path up onto the rock and discovered an easier way down, into the calm ocean, to the nearby beach where love awaited us.

I recorded a version of it here for you.

With love and wonder at the courageous spirit that perseveres inside each of you,


From the Workshop and For Your Library (and thanks to my fellow teachers and spiritual readers).

Thanks to Baxter Bell for turning me onto Mark Nepo's The Book of Awakening.

Thanks to Katie Silcox for introducing me to Nayyirah Waheed's salt. (image above.)

Thanks to Tim Carpenter for introducing me to David Whyte's Consolations.