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A week of gratitude. Join us.

Posted on 11/22/15 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

I have shelter. I have warmth. I have family. I have country. I have friends. I have food. I have hope. To me, the possibilities seem endless.

For far too many people in our world, the possibilities must seem to be narrowing rather than expanding. I complain about the encroaching darkness here in the midwest and go home and turn on the lights, turn up the heat, make myself a meal and cuddle with my dog in a tent I construct of flannel sheets and a MacBook Pro so I can lose myself to fantasy and story via colorful moving pictures from one of a zillion channels.

Not so for others. Not the homeless. Not the addicted. Not the untreated mentally ill. Not those in human slavery. Not the refugees. Not the girls without rights, the one who have been turned inside out through ritual abuse or into human bombs.

It can be overwhelming.

Here is what I know. When I steep myself in daily meditation, when I remind myself of how lucky I am, I can get out of my need to over analyze my own life, moment-by-ridiculously-privileged-moment, and be ready to find the best way to support others.

Each morning this week, from 7:30 - 8 am EST, I will be sitting and meditating on gratitude, marking it as best I can with visuals and love notes to those who make a difference for me.

Join me and others and commit to five days of gratitude this week. Commit to a daily practice of considering what gifts you have been given and what gifts you have to give.

With gratitude for you, I look forward to sitting with you this week.