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Stories from the Well

Finding Mindfulness After Burnout and Moral Injury: Being Sustained with Jenny Andrews

Posted on 10/27/21 by Regina in Stories from The Well

Jenny Andrews has a long list of notable achievements to her resume. Andrews graduated from Cornell University followed by Harvard Law School before pursuing her career as a public defender. After seven years working as... read more

Sit, Breathe, Connect: Integrating Mind, Body, and Soul to Heal Trauma

Posted on 09/22/21 by in Stories from The Well

By: Mary Curran Hackett Most of us live in dark caves of our own making. Not intentionally. It happens imperceptibly over time. We carve out a nice groove for ourselves, rubbing and smoothing it out like... read more

Hispanic Heritage Month With Adriana Prieto Quintero

Posted on 09/10/21 by Regina in Stories from The Well

Adriana Prieto Quintero is a writer and teacher. She is from Venezuela where she studied Education and received her Master’s Degree in Literature. She is incredibly passionate about teaching children and has over ten years... read more

'Mindful Music Moments' Spends an Afternoon at the Cincinnati Zoo for Field Recordings Project

Posted on 08/12/21 by Regina in Stories from The Well

Thanks to the Ohio Arts Council, The Well received an ArtStart grant to commission Ohio-based musicians to create 6 new Mindful Music pieces and accompanying videos for the upcoming school year. We are excited to... read more

We cannot change what we cannot see.

Posted on 07/19/21 by Rowe in Stories from The Well

“You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it. Unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.” -Grace Lee Boggs This spring I participated in The Embody Lab’s Embodied... read more