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Stories from the Well

Creating a Sense of Ease in Difficult Times with Mindful Music

Posted on 02/11/20 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

A visit to the hospital can be uncomfortable for anyone. But for a child, the beeping of machinery, the constant shuffle of nurses and the unfamiliarity can make rest feel impossible. This is how five-year-old... read more

Changing the Future of Cambodia

Posted on 02/05/20 by Abby in True Body Project

The last week of January 2020 The Well hosted True Body Project training in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As part of our program we met in the field of experience with non-profit organizations doing important work... read more

Body Love as an Act of Resistance, 
A Regressive Counter-Narrative to Body Shame

Posted on 01/12/20 by Abby in Stories from The Well

By Dominique M. Brown The full journal article titled “On Currere, Storytelling, & Body-Positive Curriculum“ was originally published in the Currere Exchange Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 2. My relationship to my own body has always been a... read more

Trauma-Informed Recommended Reading

Posted on 01/10/20 by Abby in True Body Project

Trauma is a fact of life. Distressing and disturbing events happen everyday, affecting an individual or group’s way of functioning. If you have been navigating or working in the wellness world, then you may have... read more

Educators Utilizing Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom

Posted on 01/07/20 by Abby in Mindful Music Moments

Each weekday morning, 150 schools (and counting) who participate in Mindful Music Moments start their day with a mindfulness prompt focused around a 3- to 5-minute clip of world-class music. This is an opportunity for both... read more