City Silence

All-Ohio Commission

"Home" an All-Ohio Commission

In the Spring of 2021, The Well brought together The Cleveland Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Columbus Symphony for an innovative commissioned work, in which members of each Ohio symphony performed one movement and participated in the final movement.

The 12-minute piece, influenced by feedback from students who participate in Mindful Music Moment, was composed by Dr. Brian Raphael Nabors. This inspiring new work, the first collaborative performance of all three orchestras, was played over four weeks in May for the school year-ending weeks of Mindful Music Moments and continues to be included in Mindful Music playlists. A short documentary was created by filmmaker Asa Featherstone IV and is included below. This is the second commission by Dr. John and Susan Tew for Mindful Music Moments, a program of The Well. 

"I know embedded within [schools] is a deep love of art and their community. I can think of no better artistic representation than that of our Ohio partner orchestras. I can already feel the sense of pride the students in these cities will radiate with when hearing their orchestra represent the community they love. With this piece, I hope to encapsulate a deep love of home for all who listen.” -Dr. Nabors on composing this piece.