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We are very inspired by Tristan Harris and are working to create mindful communications strategies to keep us connected to you in healthy ways. We feel this is ESSENTIAL information so we hope you view it.

This summer, children from Cincinnati’s UpSpring summer camp for homeless youth wrote poems about how they find the light, even during dark times. Lead Artist, Stacy Sims of Mindful Music Moments, commissioned composer Peter Adams to use the children

Practice this breath-focused meditation with founder Stacy Sims.

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Mindful Music students at AWL

AWL Mindful Music Moments

Forest Hills Schools love Mindful Music

Napoleon Maddox, a Mindful Music artist, visits Roll Hill.

Why Silence Matters

City Silence contributor Lily Raphael is hitting the road soon for travel through Asia. She will bring pop up silence events to the places she visits and blog about it for City Silence!

Washington Park City Silence

We learned the city is a symphony in the morning. Jack hammers, water sprinklers, birds and laughter combined to create a soundtrack to inspire us to lengthen our connection to ourselves.

City Silence in Washington Park

True Body participant and actor Claire Autran uses meditation to calm anxiety and ground herself in life and for performance.